Bait'em 907

Moose Call Urine Sales Location.

~~16oz. Moose Urine Scrape Starter Spray around your hunting area. Works best when vocal calling and scraping trees. Spray on scent rags/wicks/sponges Works really well in a soup thermos, heated up on a cold crisp morning. Travels really nice in the thick morning air.

~~Moose Call Lure Made from Canadian Moose Urine Available in Cow Estrus Urine or Dominate Bull Urine Make a mock-scrape and spread into scrape. Hang in mesh bags, no higher than 3ft around your hunting area

Wildlife Artist & Taxidermy

We are a Full Range Taxidermy and Wildlife Art Studio offering a wide variety of Services.

Services Offered:

Taxidermy Trophy Mounts


Skull Cleaning and Bleaching, in our

Custom 400 Gallon Tank.

Antler/Horn Mounts

Antler Velvet Preservation

Pre-Post Hunt, Game Hide Preparation

Skinning and Fleshing

Trophy Cleaning and Restoration

Shipping; Crates, Bush Shipping, Tanned Hides

House call maintenance

Horn and Antler Restoration Staining

We have Tee-Shirts for sale

Call with any Questions you may have


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